Emacs Customization

  1. Emacs init file
  2. Install Packages
  3. Install Package Manually
  4. Define Keys
  5. M-x customize
  6. What's Major Mode?
  7. What's Minor Mode?
  8. Set File to Open in a Major Mode
  9. Organize Init File
  10. Byte Compile Elisp
  11. What's Hook?
  12. Environment Variables in Emacs
  13. Set Default Window Size
  14. Font Setup
  15. Set Color Theme
  16. Turn Off Auto Backup
  17. Check OS, Version, Host Name
  18. Check Defined/Loaded
  1. Avoid Lambda in Hook

Useful Settings

Emacs Show Line/Column Number

  1. Show Line Numbers
  2. Show Cursor Position
  3. Save Cursor Position
  1. Highlight Paren
  2. Restore Opened Files
  3. Move Cursor by camelCase
  4. Auto Save
  5. Set Backup into a Dir
  6. Stop Cursor Going into Minibuffer Prompt
  7. Sync Clipboard with Linux X11
  8. Dired Customization
  9. Default Browser
  10. Window Size
  11. Line Spacing
  12. Color Theme
  13. Show lambda as λ
  14. Font Config
  15. Change Font by Command

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Emacs Lisp