Emacs Modernization

If emacs just use standard keys for open close save, cut copy paste undo, users will double in 1 year.

emacs vi power drill cartoon
“vi vs emacs”. [image source 0xBabafoool comics by Laurent Grégoire, ]

Emacs Modernization

  1. Simple Changes Emacs Should Adopt
  2. Problems of the Scratch Buffer
  3. M-key Notation vs Alt+key Notation
  4. Menu Problem
  5. Mode Line Problem
  6. cua-mode Problems
  7. kill-buffer Induces Buffer Accumulation
  8. Emacs Form Feed (^L) Page Marker
  9. Inconsistency of Search Features
  10. Single Key to Delete Whole Line

Major Mode Related

Emacs Manual

  1. Problems of Emacs's Manual
  2. Problems of Emacs's Manual; Examples
  3. Emacs Idolization: Have You Read the Emacs Manual From Cover to Cover?


  1. Elisp: Ban Syntax Table
  2. Emacs: Make elisp-index-search use Current Symbol
  3. Emacs: Usability Problems of Mode Documentation
  4. Problems of Emacswiki
  5. Emacs GNU Texinfo Problems; Invalid HTML
  6. A Record of Frustration in IT Industry; Disappearing FSF URLs, 2006
  7. Emacs Manual Node Persistency Issues
  8. Emacs Suggestion: dired-do-query-replace-regex Replace ALL (fixed in emacs 23.1)
  9. Problems of Emacs Supporting Obsolete Systems
  10. Emacs Lisp Suggestion: Function to Copy/Delete a Directory Recursively (fixed in emacs 23.2)
  11. Thoughts on Common Lisp Scheme Lisp Based Emacs
  12. Text Editors Popularity and Market Research
  13. Text Editor's Cursor Movement Behavior (emacs, vi, Notepad++)

GNU Emacs Dev Inefficiency


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Editing Commands Usability Issues

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