Emacs: Open Recently Opened File

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This page shows you how to open recently opened files.

Alt+x recentf-mode to turn it on. Then, Alt+x recentf-open-files to list recently opened file.

To open the file, just press a digit key. Or, move cursor to the line and press Enter.

emacs recentf 2014-06-12
emacs Alt+x recentf-open-files

Turn on Recentf for Future Sessions

To turn it on for future sessions, put this in your emacs init:

(recentf-mode 1) ; keep a list of recently opened files

Assign a Key Shortcut

It's good to give it a easy key to call recentf-open-files. For example:

;; set F7 to list recently opened file
(global-set-key (kbd "<f7>") 'recentf-open-files)

For more key choices, see Emacs: How to Define Keys.

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